One of my film cameras inherited from my late father-in-law is an original Kodal Duaflex, a ‘twin lens’ camera with waist level view finder. An original model with no hood round the view finder, a tired, pitted mirror and in effect a simple point and shoot camera, I decided it was still worth putting a roll of film through to find out if it still worked. The camera takes 620 film, which means I had to respool some 120 film onto a 620 spool, which with some fumbling in the dark I managed. The results have come back from the lab and below are a few of them, using Kodak Portra 400 colour film. I have scanned and tried to digitally corrected them in Lightroom so you can see before and after photos, though I don’t think they will ever be perfect, but good enough that I am tempted to put through a roll of 100 ASA black & white, which would be closer to the sort of film available at the time. These are a little hazy and over exposed, this camera has a single shutter speed, so 400 film is possibly just a bit too fast for it. However, I said I would be showing warts and all on this blog, so here are the results.