Welcome to the new old fashioned world of film photography. Just when everyone has gone digital, I decided to rekindle my love of film and I will be sharing it with you right here. I use digital photography daily in my job as a wedding photographer and business photographer┬áso film is my way of taking a step back to enjoy my personal photography again. Many thanks must be passed to the guys and girls in the Film Section of Talk Photography for helping and encouraging me back into the darkroom… OK, I have avoided the darkroom, I confess, just like the good old days, I still send films off in the post to be processed, it’s less messy.

I have a small but perfectly formed film camera collection, which I promise I wont be adding to any time soon [and if you believe that… ] As I add to the collection of film photos I will add blog posts here with some of my favourites and tell you what camera and film was used, which will also act as a record for me too. Feel free to laugh and point at my efforts, this is about having fun and I probably will post some of spectacular the failures too!